5 Things You Should Not Miss Doing When You’re in Port Macquarie

Trips to Port Macquarie are the best. The place is an ideal getaway from the city life in Sydney making it the best place to visit with you and your whole family time and time again.

Aside from the fun activities near the town, the greater part of the region has more yet to offer.

There’s just too many of them that you can’t even determine where to start such as up in the hinterland, and around the Camden Haven region. Believe it and not, a week of visit won’t even be enough. This means that you’ll have more to look forward to!

Below is what you need to visit to get the most memorable experience in the area:


Sunrise at Town Beach

Getting out in the bed and witnessing the sunrise is definitely worth it. It’s worth getting out of bed early for sunrise in Port Macquarie. One of the best spots you can take the morning view is the Tacking Point Lighthouse. Several people suggested the Tacking Point Lighthouse is awesome at sunrise, and I’m sure it is.

Another place that you should opt to visit is the iconic breakwall and the Town Beach which is very near the places you can stay for accommodation. You can also go for a higher ground if you can get a permission to use the lifeguard towers for some foreground interest. After a nice catching of photograph of beautiful scenery, you may then reward yourself with a relaxing coastal walk.

Billabong Koala Wildlife Park

Billabong Koala Wildlife Park hosts the popular gigantic wildlife named “Shrek” the crocodile.  You will be entertained as you see this huge monster croc being fed by the officials. This huge croc is one of the park’s primary attractions which is 4.6 meters in length.

Aside from this, the park is also a widely-celebrated breeding ground for koalas. If you are looking for a place to get close and personal with Australia’s wildlife, then the place is just right for you. Due to the enormous population of koalas within, you can never pet them all! Furthermore, you can also feed the iconic kangaroos and wallabies that are waiting for the food in the palm of your hand.

Aside from the iconic Australian wildlife animals that are available inside, you can also enjoy watching out the Red Pandas and Snow Leopards.

To accommodate your needs, you can get to enjoy a bite in the Billabong Cafe. The Cafe features a play area for children to keep them entertained while you have your time for relaxation.

Billabong Koala Park is open for almost every day except during Christmas Holiday.

  • Price for Adults $26.50
  • Price for Children (3-15yrs) $15
  • Family Package Price $77

Wander along the Breakwall

The iconic breakwall is usually the first thing that comes to the mind of both tourists and locals when it comes to the Port.

When you are in the area, you can enjoy a stroll from Town Green to Town Beach to see all the rocks that are painted brightly. Aside from this, you can also check out the cool art gallery featured by some visitors and locals. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to encounter the dolphins jumping out from the water while they play in the Hastings River during your stroll.

The Town Beach Features a Boogie Board Statue in the Town Beach end. It represents the Port as the boogie board capital of Australia. And keep in mind not to miss the skate park and playground when you get there.

Watch the Sunset

If you enjoy the Sunrise you will most likely enjoy the Sunset as well. You can take a stroll along the breakwall before you decide to take up your dinner. Aside from the iconic breakwall, other spots you can choose to widen your options are The Town Green which is located near Lady Nelson Wharf, and The Beach House Pub, which is perfect if you want to enjoy a cold beer with the sunset. The views within the pub have a pretty clear and are uninterrupted views of the Hastings River. Sunsets in this place can set the sky seemingly ablaze as it dips down below the mountain of the riverbanks.  

Town Green & Lady Nelson Wharf

Lady Nelson Wharf is one of the earliest places to be recognized and was named way back in 1821. The place’s name is based on one of the three ships that arrived at that point back in the year to create the Port Macquarie penal settlement. If you want to find a very good spot for fishing, then this wharf is definitely for you. The place is a widely-celebrated area among locals and visitors for fishing in the morning. Aside from the wharf, you can also check The Town Green area in which the twilight scenery will surely captivate you just right after the sunset before they turn the lights on. Around the Green Town, you will also be able to go on a playground. The place has plenty of grass on the ground which is perfect for your children to run around or for the entire family to have a picnic.